co-founders & sisters

'Y  es, that’s us, Daphne & Dana (D1 & D3).  The brainchildren  behind 'The Unknotted.'  We are two sisters who saw an opportunity when D1 announced that she was filing for divorce after 23 years of marriage.  D3, being the sarcastic and snarky one, reacted with a very enthusiastic “Yes, it’s about time!”  Realizing that this might not have been the best (or appropriate) response, she quickly tried to rewind the statement.  D1, always the nicer of the two, quickly assured her little sister that the divorce was indeed a good thing and a reason to celebrate!  Problem was, there were no products designed to do just that.



Googling happened.

And The Unknotted was born!!



Creative juices flowing turned out to be a great elixir for the pangs of divorce drama. Well, that and a few shared bottles of wine. Our mission is to celebrate when divorce is a good thing. And after the dust clears, most divorcees will tell you it was.  To bring a bit of humor during hard days.  To let the dumper or dumped (dumpee) know that she is not alone and life does indeed go on and will most often improve.  To say what you want to say but just aren’t sure it is the “right” thing to say.


Why D1 & D3?  Well, we are 2 of 5 children (all D’s and 1G) who were raised in a strict, Catholic household where money was tight.  Our parents have been married for over 50 years!  Dad worked extremely hard to provide and mom was the best wife and mother ever!  She sewed our clothes, made breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, cleaned and kept us under control.


Mom is an unrealized creative genius, who crochets beautiful baby gowns and blankets and shared her love of crafting with us.  Dad traveled a lot for his job, but made time to coach our soccer teams, teach us to play tennis, keep up with never-ending household repairs and encouraged our educational success.  Also, very creative, he dabbled in modeling, acting and photography in NY in the 60’s.  Together, they created a marriage and family life both enviable and inspiring. Divorce was largely nonexistent in our family tree, and  marriage was literally till death do you part.

D1 graduated with a doctorate and soon, after getting married, immediately went to work becoming, like the women in her family before her, the best wife and mother she could be.  Forgoing a career to focus on domestic duties, her now ex-husband was enabled to freely advance in his field.  She is now pursuing an RN degree and raising her 3 children.

D3 graduated with a JD and became a prosecutor just outside of Atlanta.  Fortunately, she was able to work part time to be available for her 2 daughters while her husband pursued his career in biotech.  She can often be found on the tennis court or in a home improvement store indulging in her loves of interior design and rehabbing furniture.

So, that’s us.  Welcome to The Unknotted!  We hope that you like what you see and that you can use our line and blog to bring some levity to your life or the life of a friend going through a breakup.  Let us know if you have any questions or comments!  We’d love to hear from you.


All the best,

D1 & D3